Innovative anti-infectives stemming from photorhabdus and xenorhabdus bacteria

Nosopharm is an innovative biotechnology company specialized in
anti-infective drug discovery.

Our mission is to discover and develop new anti-infective drugs to combat antimicrobial resistance and infectious diseases. Our R&D programs are based on the exploitation of Photorhabdus and Xenorhabdus, two underexplored antimicrobial-producing bacteria on which we based our unique drug discovery platform. Nosopharm is the only biotech company to explore these two high-potential bacteria for anti-infective applications.

Photorhabdus and Xenorhabdus are unique micro-organisms with strong potential for drug discovery in infectious diseases

Nosopharm develops a pipeline of innovative first-in-class anti-infectives against the WHO critical priority pathogens


Meet the seasoned management and scientific team behind Nosopharm’s development & pipeline

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